Author identification for Under-Resourced language (KadazanDusun)

Nursyahirah Tarmizi, Suhaila Saee, Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim


This paper presents the task of Author Identification for KadazanDusun language by using tweets as the source of data to perform Author Identification task of short text on KadazanDusun, which is considered as one the under-resourced language in Malaysia. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate Author Identification of short text on KadazanDusun. Besides, this paper also examines the performance of two machine learning algorithms on the KadazanDusun data set by analyzing the stylometric features. Stylometric features are used to quantify the writing styles of the authors which includes character n-grams and word n-grams. The workflow of Author Identification implements the machine learning approach to solve the single-labelled multi-class problem and predict the author of a given message in KadazanDusun. Two classifiers are used to compare the accuracy including Naïve Bayes and Support Vector Machine (SVM). The results show that the combination of n-grams which is word-level unigram and {1-5}-grams with character 3-grams are the most relevant stylometric features in identifying the author of KadazanDusun message with an accuracy of 80.17%. The results also show that SVM classifier has outperformed Naive Bayes in this Author Identification task with the accuracy of 80.17%.


Author identification, KadazanDusun, Machine learning, Stylometry, Under-Resourced language

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