Double stages of feature extarction-based GFPMI for colored finger vein identification

Dawlat Mustafa Sulaiman, Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez, Habibollah Haron


Today, finger vein recognition has a lot of attention as a promising approach of biometric identification framework and still does not meet the challenges of the researchers on this filed. To solve this problem, we propose s double stage of feature extraction schemes based localized finger fine image detection. We propose Globalized Features Pattern Map Indication (GFPMI) to extract the globalized finger vein line features basede on using two generated vein image datasets: original gray level color, globalized finger vein line feature, original localized gray level image, and the colored localized finger vein images. Then, two kinds of features (gray scale and texture features) are extracted, which tell the structure information of the whole finger vein pattern in the whole dataset. The recurrent based residual neural network (RNN) is used to identify the finger vein images. The experimental show that the localized colored finger vein images based globalized feature extraction has achieved the higher accuracy (93.49%) while the original image dataset achieved less accuracy by (69.86%).


Classification; Finger vein; Glcm features; Gray scale texture features; Identification; Localization; Residual neural network

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