Battery health and performance monitoring system: a closer look at state of health (SoH) assessment methods of a Lead-Acid battery

D Selvabharathi, N Muruganantham


Batteries are one of the most compact and reliable sources of sustainable energy. Lead-Acid batteries are the battery-powered sort of batteries concocted during the 1980s. The significant utilization of lead-acid battery is in beginning, lighting and start frameworks of vehicles.To guarantee the health and to dodge potential disappointments of a battery it is important to examine its Territory of health precisely. This examination expects to give efficiently evaluating the accessible writing on the condition of health estimation techniques. This study focuses on many factors and provides a suggestion for the defended battery manufacturing process. This study provides increasing efforts toward the advancement of battery interms of specific power, energy density, durability, invulnerability, economics, and performance in various applications.


Battery, State of Health, State of Charge, Lead-Acid, Aging Mechanism

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