Smooth Sliding Mode Control for Trajectory Tracking of Greenhouse Spraying Mobile Robot

Gao Guoqin, Ren Yi, Zhou Haiyan, Fang Zhiming


For the spraying mobile robot working in greenhouse, due to the inconsistency of drive motors and the rough walking surface, it is easy to track off. For the liquidity of pesticide, the load always changes even the speed jumps. Because of these uncertainties, external disturbances and the difficulty of constructing the system dynamic model, it is hard to implement the trajectory tracking control of the spraying mobile robot steadily, precisely and quickly. In order to solve the problem, a smooth sliding mode trajectory tracking control method is proposed based on the distribute control strategy for each branch. Moreover, its stability is proved using the Lyapunov function. The simulation results show that the proposed method can track the reference trajectories precisely, quickly and steadily under the strong white noise. The chattering phenomenon of the control law is restrained compared to the conventional sliding mode control. The trajectory tracking performance is better than that of the fuzzy control. The designed method is easy to realize and doesn’t need to construct the precise mathematical model, so, it affords an economical and convenient control method for solving the trajectory tracking problem of the greenhouse spraying mobile robot under various uncertain interferences.



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