Time performance analysis of advanced encryption standard and data encryption standard in data security transaction

Zolidah Kasiran, Hikma Farah Ali, Noorhayati Mohamed Noor


The advancement of the data communication technologies has increased the traffic of data exchange over the internet and at the same time created the opportunity of data attack by various party.  This paper present  Time Performance Analysis Of Advanced Encryption Standard And Data Encryption Standard  in Data Security Transaction. In this study we proposed an AES algorithm with  different key size, and different file format. Our aim is to safely to transfer the file for using the AES algorithm. Proposed algorithm has done by analyzing the different time taken for both AES and DES, experiments were done by three different file  format which were text, image, and voice. Each file format type was tested with five different file sizes. The result of each experiments were analysed and it was confirmed that  the AES algorithm have better performance in term of time taken as compared to DES.


Cryptography, Encryption standard (DES), Advanced encryption standard (AES), Encryption, Decryption, Security transaction

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v16.i2.pp988-994


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