Video application to accommodate students’ learning style for moral education in teacher education institutes

Mohd Razimi Bin Husin, Hishamuddin Bin Ahmad, Mahizer Bin Hamzah


The purpose of this study is to explore the favored video applications in video use, compatible techniques and technology to accommodate the learning styles of moral education students in Teacher Education Institutes. This study is also to explore the contents of lesson suit to technology preferred by students in learning Moral Education. This is a case study in where data were collected through interviews. Six semester four students were chosen through purposive sampling from two Teacher Education Institutes in Malaysia. The constructs and internal validity were verified by experts while the external validity was verified through support from existing studies and theories. Data of the study were analyzed by using the Nvivo software to identify the features of favored video, compatible techniques and contents of lesson suit to technology that enhance the quality of teaching and learning of Moral Education to students. The Physiological Stimulus of Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model was used as guidance in the interviews because this model was the most suitable to be applied to students with Physiological Stimulus. The results of the analysis showed that short videos with suitable musics and short duration are the favored video for moral education students in teacher education institutes that enabled students to memorize the content knowledge. This research could be the learning guidelines on the use of videos and consequences activities of the shown videos that accommodate the learning styles of moral education students in Teacher Education Institutes which could be used by instructors in their professional practice in the lecture room.


Learning styles, Moral education, Multi-sensory instructional packages, Technology, Video

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