Domain specific concept ontologies and text summarization as hierarchical fuzzy logic ranking indicator on malay text corpus

Shaiful Bakhtiar bin Rodzman, Normaly Kamal Ismail, Nurazzah Abd Rahman, Syed Ahmad Aljunid, Zulhilmi Mohamed Nor, Ahmad Yunus Mohd Noor


Ranking function is a predictive algorithm that is used to establish a simple ordering of documents according to its relevance. This step is critical because the results’ quality of a Domain Specific Information Retrieval (IR) such as Hadith Information Retrieval is fundamentally dependent of the ranking function. A Hierarchical Fuzzy Logic Controller of Mamdani-type Fuzzy Inference System has been built to define the ranking function, based on the Malay Information retrieval’s BM25 Model. The model examines three-inputs (Ontology BM25 Score, Fabrication Rate of Hadith and Shia Rate of Hadith) and four-output values of Final Ranking Score which consist of three triangular membership functions. The proposed system has outperformed the BM25 original score and the Vector Space Model (VM) on 16 queries, while the BM25 original score and Vector Space Model only yield better result in 9 and 2 queries respectively on the P@10, %no measures and MAP. P@10 represent the values of Precision at Rank 10 P@10), %no measures represent the percentage of queries with no relevant documents in the top ten retrieved and MAP represents Mean Average Precision of the queries. The results show the proposed system have capability to demote negative documents and move up the relevant documents in the ranking list and its capability to recall unseen document with the application of ontology in text retrieval. For the future works, the researcher would like to apply the usage of other Malay Semantic elements and another corpus for positive ranking indicator.


Fuzzy logic, Malay translated hadith, Fabricated and shia hadith, Negative ranking indicator, Ontology, Information retrieval, Malay text corpus, BM25 model, Positive ranking indicator

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