Recloser-Fuse settings in distribution systems with optimizing multiple distributed generation considering technical aspects

Ahmed Mohamed Abdelbaset, AboulFotouh A. Mohamed, Essam Abou El-Zahab, M. A. Moustafa Hassan


With the widespread of using distributed generation, the connection of DGs in the distribution system causes miscoordination between protective devices. This paper introduces the problems associated with recloser fuse miscoordination (RFM) in the presence of single and multiple DG in a radial distribution system. Two Multi objective optimization problems are presented. The first is based on technical impacts to determine the optimal size and location of DG considering system power loss reduction and enhancement the voltage profile with a certain constraints and the second is used for minimizing the operating time of all fuses and recloser with obtaining the optimum settings of fuse recloser coordination characteristics. Whale Optimizer algorithm (WOA) emulated RFM as an optimization problem. The performance of the proposed methodology is applied to the standard IEEE 33 node test system. The results show the robustness of the proposed algorithm for solving the RFM problem with achieving system power loss reduction and voltage profile enhancement.


Distributed generation, Protection coordination, Optimum allocation, Whale optimizer algorithm

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