Emotional speech feature selection using end-part segmented energy feature

Noor Aina Zaidan, Md Sah Hj Salam


The accuracy of human emotional detection is crucial in the industry to ensure effective conversations and messages delivery. The process involved in identifying emotions must be carried out properly and using a method that guarantees high level of emotional recognition. Energy feature is said to be a prosodic information encoder and there are still studies on energy use in speech prosody and it motivate us to run an experiment on energy features. We have conducted two sets of studies: 1) whether local or global features that contribute most to emotional recognition and 2) the effect of the end-part segment length towards emotion recognition accuracy using 2 types of segmentation approach. This paper discussed about Absolute Time Intervals at Relative Positions (ATIR) segmentation approach and global ATIR (GATIR) using end-part segmented global energy feature extracted from Berlin Emotional Speech Database (EMO-DB). We observed that global feature contribute more to the emotional recognition and global features that are derived from longer segments give higher recognition accuracy than global feature derived from short segments. The addition of utterance-based feature (GTI) to ATIR segmentation somewhat contributes to increase the accuracy by 5% up to 8% and conclude that GATIR outperformed ATIR segmentation approached in term of its higher recognition rate. The results of this study where almost all the sub-tests provide an increased result proving that global feature derived from longer segment lengths acquire more emotional information and enhance the system performance.


Energy Feature, Emotion Recognition, ATIR Segmentation, GATIR Segmentation, Utterance-based, Segment-based

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v15.i3.pp1374-1381


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