A new hand gestures recognition system

Ahmed Kadem Hamed AlSaedi, Abbas H. Hassin AlAsadi


Talking about gestures makes us return to the historical beginning of human communication, because, in fact, there is no language completely free of gestures. People cannot communicate without gestures. Any action or movement without gestures is free of real feelings and cannot express the thoughts. The purpose from any hand gestures recognition system is to recognizes the hand gesture and used it to transfer a certain meaning or for computer control or and device. Our paper introduced a low cost system to recognize the hand gesture in real-time. Generally, the system divided into five steps, one to image acquisition, second to pre-processing the image, third for detection and segmentation of hand region, four to features extraction and five to count the numbers of fingers and gestures recognition. The system has coded by Python language, PyAutoGUI library, OS Module of Python and the OpenCV library.


Gestures recognition; OpenCV library; Computer vision; PyAutoGUI library; Hand gestures

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v18.i1.pp49-55


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