Online geocode in postal address using GPS with synchronous database accessing

Mohammad Riyadh R. Sharba, Hakim Adil Kadhim, Salam A. W. Al-Abassi, Nabeel Salih Ali


Postal addressing information is a crucial issue in any organization for business targets, especially in developed countries. Thus, required to convert postal address data to an absolute value like latitude and longitude coordinates by a procedure called geocoding. In this paper, discuss how to make long coordinates into simple geocode via maps services. Besides, conduct a smartphone application to save the geocode with details information to be a GIS for the future used by end-users. The information includes address name, type, and phone number as well as a small note. The app can search for a particular location like hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.


Addressing system, Postal code, GPS, Postal address, Geocoding, Geolocation

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