Non-dominated sorting Harris’s hawk multi-objective optimizer based on reference point approach

Shaymah Akram Yasear, Ku Ruhana Ku-Mahamud


A non-dominated sorting Harris’s hawk multi-objective optimizer (NDSHHMO) algorithm is presented in this paper. The algorithm is able to improve the population diversity, convergence of non-dominated solutions toward the Pareto front, and prevent the population from trapping into local optimal. This was achieved by integrating fast non-dominated sorting with the original Harris’s hawk multi-objective optimizer (HHMO).  Non-dominated sorting divides the objective space into levels based on fitness values and then selects non-dominated solutions to produce the next generation of hawks. A set of well-known multi-objective optimization problems has been used to evaluate the performance of the proposed NDSHHMO algorithm. The results of the NDSHHMO algorithm were verified against the results of an HHMO algorithm. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed NDSHHMO algorithm in terms of enhancing the ability of convergence toward the Pareto front and significantly improve the search ability of the HHMO.


Swarm-intelligence; Global optimization; Metaheuristic; Optimization algorithm

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