Design and modeling of optical reflectors for a PV panel adapted by MPPT control

Belhadj Mohammed, Boufeldja Kadri, Nasri Abdelfatah, Benlaria Ismail


Due to the highly non-linear electrical characteristics of photovoltaic generators (PVGs), the efficiency of PV systems can be improved by forcing the GPV to operate at their maximum power point (MPP). In this article, we are interested in concentrating Photovoltaic design to improve the output current of the panelwhile maintaining the DCDC boost element, after presenting the basic structure of Boost DC-DC converter, which shows the existence of a limitation on the voltage gain for this converter. In order to meet the specifications (high voltage gain and low ripple of the input current), existing structures will be presented that are able to provide a high voltage gain (Photovoltaic concentration) compared to another structure


Concentrator, Photovoltaic System (PV), MPPT, Boost, Optical Reflectors

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