Prediction of overcurrent rRelay miscoordination time using artificial neural network

S. Karupiah, M. H. Hussain, I Musirin, S.R.A. Rahim


Overcurrent relay plays an important role in the protection of power system. For protection, proper coordination of relays with an appropriate relay settings need to be done. Coordination can be done by selecting an optimal Time Multiplier Setting (TMS) and Plug Setting (PS) considering the fault current at the relay location. Continuous Time Intervals (CTI) must be maintained between primary relay and secondary relay to ensure correct sequential operation of the relays. However, miscoordination can occurs due to secondary relay trips faster than primary relay. This paper presents an approach for predicting overcurrent relay miscoordination time using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm in MATLAB software. The efficiency of the proposed approach have been tested successfully on 17 bus test system. The simulation results indicated that the ANN Levenber-Maequardt algorithm is capable to predict the miscoordination time occurs between the primary and secondary relay operating time.


overcurrent relay, miscoordination time, time multiplier setting, plug setting, artificial neural network

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