System protection for lithium-ion batteries management system: a review

L. Rimon, Khairul Safuan Muhammad, S.I. Sulaiman, AM Omar


Robustness of a battery management system (BMS) is a crucial issue especially in critical application such as medical or military. Failure of BMS will lead to more serious safety issues such as overheating, overcharging, over discharging, cell unbalance or even fire and explosion. BMS consists of plenty sensitive electronic components and connected directly to battery cell terminal. Consequently, BMS exposed to high voltage potential across the BMS terminal if a faulty cell occurs in a pack of Li-ion battery. Thus, many protection techniques have been proposed since last three decades to protect the BMS from fault such as open cell voltage fault, faulty cell, internal short circuit etc. This paper presents a review of a BMS focuses on the protection technique proposed by previous researcher. The comparison has been carried out based on circuit topology and fault detection technique


BMS, Lithium-Ion, Protection, Safety Energy

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