Comparison between PI, PR+HC, and modified PR+HC current controller in inverter system

S. Salimin, M. Armstrong, S.A. Jumaat, R. Hamdan


This paper presents the comparison between proportional integral (PI) current controller, proportional resonance and harmonic compensator (PR+HC) current controller and modified PR+HC current controller in the inverter system. Power electronic components like inverter and current controller uses in the system produce unwanted harmonics that affect the quality of distribution power network. In this study, development and simulation of current controller using conventional proportional integral (PI), the selective harmonic compensation scheme (PR+HC), and modified version of the latter are considered so to overcome these harmonics injection. Modification is by adding control parameter randomisation technique to the PR+HC scheme. Results compare the three controllers and proved that with modification to the selective harmonic compensation scheme, the overall current THD can be reduced


Current controller, Harmonics, Inverter system

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