A multi-instance multi-sample palmprint identification system

Thulfiqar H. Mandeel, Muhammad Imran Ahmad, Said Amirul Anwar


The multibiometric recognition system considered more reliable than the unimodal biometric recognition system due to the addition of an extra information that increases the discrimination between the classes. In this paper, a multi-sample multi-instance biometric recognition system is proposed. The aim of the proposed system is to increase the robustness of the identification. the proposed system also addresses the overfitting to the train samples problem of a feature extraction algorithm, named 2-Dimensional Linear Discriminant analysis (2D-LDA). The samples in the proposed method are bootstrapped and the 2D-LDA performed on each group during the offline phase. While in the online phase, the tested class will be transformed into subspaces using different eigenvectors that obtained from different samplings, and the results matched with templates in the corresponding subspace. To evaluate the proposed method, two palmprint databases are used which are IIT Delhi Touchless Palmprint Database and PolyU palmprint database, and different rank-level fusion algorithms are investigated. The results of the proposed method show improvement in the identification rate.


Palmprint, Biometrics recognition, Fusion

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v13.i2.pp825-830


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