Design of amplitude and phase modulated pulse trains with good auttocorrelation properties for radar communications

S.J Rosli, H.A. Rahim, K.N. Abdul Rani


Development of technique for synthesizing multilevel sequences with good correlation properties is very useful for several radar applications where as a set of phase and amplitude coded sequences will be synthesized directly for compression technique. In reality, the signal processing also been significant to transmit or store signals, to enhance desired signal component and to extract useful information carried by signals. Consequently, this paper describes affectively methods to generating the finite length multilevel sequence of any length that have low side lobe energy (SLE) and improved energy ratio (ER) in their autocorrelation function (ACF). Testing for the stability and the analyzing of systems zero pattern using z-transform for the generating sequence indicates a possible position of roots in the radius of circle lies. This is illustrated by application of 13-element Huffman code as a starting sequence, this technique more low complexity and compatible compared inverse filtering technique.


Energy Ratio, Sidelobe Energy, Radar Communication, Autocorrelation Function

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