Data visualisation of vehicle crash using interactive map and data dashboard

Muhammad Zaki Abd Razak, Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi, Ray Adderley JM Gining, Muhammad Nabil Fikri Jamaluddin


Vehicle crash contributes to a significant number of deaths and injuries in human races around the world. The government and the transportation expert work together around the clock to lessen the number of injuries and fatalities cause from vehicle crash issues. To come out with an effective solution whether from improving the trafficking system including road conditions or increasing awareness among drivers, the experts must analyse the data of vehicle crash from the past decades to find the major causes and come out with a decision. The lack of suitable techniques and tools to analyse a large amount of data is a deterrent in analysing vehicle crash datasets, and the process costs a lot of time. Data visualisation is a technique that allows people to display data in a more infographic form via data visualisation models. Therefore, this study aims to promote and elaborate more on data visualisation techniques using the interactive map and data dashboard to display vehicle crash data. Interactive map and data dashboard can help the government and transportation experts to describe vehicle crash data for them to make right decision to lessen car accident issues. The interactive map focuses on displaying vehicle crash data in map presentation while the data dashboard shows some charts and graph that describe the vehicle crash data in the statistical form. This study can be a reference model of creating interactive map and data dashboard or enhancing the capabilities in managing vehicle crash.


Data visualization, visualization, interactive map, data dashboard, vehicle crash

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