Software Based Approach for teaching in Electrical Engineering Classroom Courses: a Case Study

Hemant Mehar


As the day by day changes in the technology, technical requirements and techniques of the industry changes simultaneously. Therefore the requirements to educate our students not only the conceptual as well as new approaches based on the latest techniques. Involvement of software in teaching is not only providing a better support, more clear and visual operation of complex circuits and waveforms of the faculty of power electronics in classroom teaching as well as to the student to understand a better concept. The software packages available for simulation of power electronic circuits are MATLAB, PSPICE and PSIM and many more. In this paper author takes an example of an AC voltage controller to explain the software based teaching approach. Author used two software based simulation tool to explain the AC Voltage Controller and compare the software based approach with the blackboard & PPT Presentation based technique. This paper is helpful for the faculty of electrical engineering to find the applications of MATLAB/SIMULINK and PSIM in teaching.

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