Aircraft Control System Using Model Predictive Controller

Labane Chrif, Zemalache Meguenni Kadda


This paper concerns the application of model-based predictive control to the longitudinal and lateral mode of an aircraft in a terrain following task. The predictive control approach was based on a quadratic cost function and a linear state space prediction model with input and state constraints. The optimal control was obtained as the solution of a quadratic programming problem defined over a receding horizon. Closed-loop simulations were carried out by using the linear aircraft model. This project thesis provides a brief overview of Model Predictive Control (MPC).A brief history of industrial model predictive control technology has been presented first followed by a some concepts like the receding horizon, moves etc. which form the basis of the MPC. It follows the Optimization problem which ultimately leads to the description of the Dynamic Matrix Control (DMC).The MPC presented in this report is based on DMC. After this the application summary and the limitations of the existing technology has been discussed and the next generation MPC, with an emphasis on potential business and research opportunities has been reviewed. Finally in the last part we generate Matlab code to implement basic model predictive controller and introduce noise into the model.

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