Design, Testing Analysis of High Tension Increased Safety Motor for Hazardous areas

Bhagirath Ahirwal, Tarun Kumar Chatterjee


The increased safety (Ex e) motors are designed for safe operation in the zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas. The present paper describes the significant design parameters and successful testing of Ex e high tension (HT) induction motor rated 970KW/6.6KV/18 pole/ 3Phase/ 50Hz as per IS/IEC 60079-7 standard. The comparison of some useful design parameters is also given between safe area motor and hazardous area motor in this paper. The Ex e high tension induction motor mentioned in this paper have been manufactured by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL), Bhopal, India during the project and main author was the project leader.


increased safety motor, risk factor, testing, IA/IN, tE

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