Design and Implementation of Embedded Processor Based Brushless Motor Drive using Lead Acid Battery as Source with Lithium Ion Capacitor

Sathishkumar Shanmugam, Meenakumari Ramachandran


For the past two decades, Brushless DC motor has become more efficient and robust motor in industrial applications due to their simplicity in structure, reliability, good mechanical properties. The absence of brushes features these motors similar to AC motors whereas their speed performance is nearly equal to that of the DC motors. Thus the combined advantages of AC and DC motors make these motors more efficient in various applications. The design was based on the output equation similar to that of conventional dc machines. This generates high-resolution PWM outputs, used to control the switching pattern of the BLDC Inverter. By varying the PWM signal produced from the microcontroller, the speed of the motor can be varied. The Hall Effect sensing unit gives information about the rotor position and based on this rotor information, switching sequence of the MOSFET is decided. The firing pulses to the gate of the MOSFET are given by the Control Signal Generation Module. Based on the developed model simulation studies are performed in Matlab/Simulink environment and hardware implementation of BLDCM drive using Lead acid battery as source With Lithium ion capacitor   system is done and  results were analysed  using Digital Scope Oscilloscope (DSO) and output Carried Out Sucessfully.




Lead acid battery, Lithium ion capacitor, Sepic converter, MOSFET, BLDC Motor, Simulation, Power Conveter,PIC Microcontroller.

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