Real-time water quality monitoring system: an IoT application

Zulkhairi Mohd Yusof, Md Masum Billah, Kushsairy Kadir


There is huge number of disease which is caused through water drinking that being polluted was supplied to the consumer. This is something that cannot be underestimate because it can cause high cost of treatment or death. Its not only cause troubles to the consumer which is human, it is also included all aquatic life and surrounding ecosystem. There is way to overcome this problem that created before which is take the sample of water to the lab. The result of water being polluted or not will be released by the lab. But this system going to take lot of times because there are few process that should be followed. This system is not suitable anymore because it is not portable, easy and fastest. It should be upgraded to the IoT system because it can cut times, internet base and people will be more alert to the quality of water. Therefore, a real-time water quality monitoring system is proposed in this research to reduce number of fatality happened from water.


IoT, Real-time, Water quality

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