Implementation of Stereo Vision Semi-Global Block Matching Methods for Distance Measurement

Raden Arief Setyawan, Rudy Sunoko, Mochammad Agus Choiron, Panca Mudji Rahardjo


Stereo vision has become an attractive topic research in the last decades. Many implementations such as the autonomous car, 3D movie, 3D object generation, are produced using this technique. The advantages of using two cameras in stereo vision are the disparity map between images. Disparity map will produce distance estimation of the object. Distance measurement is a crucial parameter for an autonomous car. The distance between corresponding points between the left and right images must be precisely measured to get an accurate distance. One of the most challenging in stereo vision is to find corresponding points between left and right images (stereo matching). This paper proposed distance measurement using stereo vision using Semi-Global Block Matching algorithm for stereo matching purpose. The object is captured using a calibrated stereo camera. The images pair then optimized using WLS Filter to reduce noises. The implementation results of this algorithm are furthermore converted to a metric unit for distance measurement. The result shows that the stereo vision distance measurement using Semi-Global Block Matching gives a good result. The obtained best result of this work contains error of less than 1% for 1m distance


distance measurement, stereo matching, stereo vision

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