Deep Learning for Roman Handwritten Character Recognition

Muhaafidz Md Saufi, Mohd Afiq Zamanhuri, Norasiah Mohammad, Zaidah Ibrahim


The advantage of deep learning is that the analysis and learning of massive amounts of unsupervised data make it a beneficial tool for Big Data analysis. Convolution Neural Network (CNN) is a deep learning method that can be used to classify image, cluster them by similarity, and perform image recognition in the scene. This paper conducts a comparative study between three deep learning models, which are simple-CNN, AlexNet and GoogLeNet for Roman handwritten character recognition using Chars74K dataset. The produced results indicate that GooleNet achieves the best accuracy but it requires a longer time to achieve such result while AlexNet produces less accurate result but at a faster rate.


AlexNet, GoogLeNet, CNN, Deep Learning, Handwritten digit recognition

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