Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) of Human Body Before and After Jogging

R.S. S.A.Kadir, Zunairah Hj Murat Zunairah Hj Murat, Nurul Izzati Nadiah Binti Md Suhaimi


The research is on the electromagnetic radiation of human body before and after jogging. 30 healthy students from UiTM with an age range of 23-25 years old volunteered. The seven locations of chakra points were measured. The body frequency (in MHz) is captured using frequency detector by taking the reading of the frequency 5 times at each point at the same location; hence, the average value is calculated for data analysis. This frequency measurement is recorded two times which is before and after jogging with a consistence protocol for all participants. The data in terms of frequency (Hertz) is converted into 15 colours of bio-energies representing the health level. The finding shows that 63.3% of participants’ health level improved after jogging. While 33.3% of participants had decrement in their health level. The results also indicate improvement in bio-energies score for five out of seven chakra points after jogging.


Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Jogging, Chakra, Frequency Detector, Energy Field Score, Bio-energies

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v9.i3.pp643-649


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