Extended FTOPSIS with Distance and Set Theoretic-Based Similarity Measure

Nor Hashimah Sulaiman, Daud Mohamad, Jamilah Mohd Shariff, Sharifah Aniza Sayed Ahmad, Kamilah Abdullah


Comparing fuzzy numbers is an essential process in deducing the output of many fuzzy decision making methods. One of the comparison methods commonly used is by using similarity measure. The main advantage of the similarity measure over other approaches is its ability to minimize the loss of information in the computational process. Several similarity measures have been applied effectively in fuzzy decision making methods. In this paper, a new similarity measure based on the geometric distance, the center of gravity, Hausdorf distance and the set theoretic similarity formula known as the Dice similarity index are incorporated into the Extended Fuzzy Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (FTOPSIS) method particularly in calculating the closeness coefficients. This similarity measure is in favor of others as it is able to discriminate two similar shape fuzzy numbers effectively with two different locations. A validation process is carried out by implementing the proposed procedure of the Extended FTOPSIS with the new similarity measure in solving a supplier selection problem and the ranking outcome is then compared with the Extended FTOPSIS with other existing similarity measure. The result shows that the Extended FTOPSIS with the proposed similarity measure gives a consistent result without reducing any information in the computational process.


similarity measure; fuzzy number; FTOPSIS; fuzzy decision making

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v9.i2.pp387-394


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