Energy Management in Current Fed Switched Inverter Based Propulsion Motor for Marine Application

Anand M, V Mathivananr


In this paper the super capacitor and battery based current fed switched converter produce high voltage gain and the performance of motor is improved. The fuel based renewable energy produce the less dynamic performance of the motor and life time is reduced so the proposed paper use the super capacitor based energy production. The permanent magnet synchronous based motor has high performance. The permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control strategy is adopted. The proposed method the inverter and motor are interconnected. The motor functioning is used in the marine based electric device. The proposed method use the space vector control method is used.  The possibility of the system and the control methods are established by MATLAB/ simulink environment.


super capacitor (SC), current fed switched inverter (CFSI), permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)

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