Investigation and Visualization of Query Determine Spatial Pattern in GIS

Anto Xavier. A, A. Arivazhagan


Earth elements are arranged following one or many standards called spatial patterns. Around the globe many elements share normal examples. To find those patterns and dissecting those through a few information visualization strategies can prompt a decent choice supporting framework. Information like area astute populace, schools and healing facilities is gathered from various sources. To store GIS information PostgreSQL and PostGIS is giving a good support and capable database. GIS maps are made utilizing instrument QGIS (Open source) for the visualization reason. To characterize basic example from the given dataset, bunches are framed from populace field. To bunch information OPTICS grouping strategy is utilized. At that point choice tree by data pick up strategy is utilized for the administered learning. To show the outcome open source programming Geo server is utilized. Geo server handle the client questions and show the outcome on the dynamic maps.


PostGIS, QGIS, supervised learning, Geo server, OPTICS, information visualization strategies, GIS

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