Novel Zeta Converter With Multi Level Inverter Connected To Grid

Suresh P


The usage of multilevel inverter has increased in a drastic manner for the past years. These novel  inverters are useful in various mega power applications. As they are have the ability to change the output waveforms, they are having good harmonic distortions and better output results. This work proposes a novel five level asymmetrical  inverter which is incorporated with the zeta converter. Comparison is made with the existing multilevel inverter with the proposed system. The simulation results give the proposed system has less THD[1] when compared to the existing inverters. The main objective is that the number of switches and capacitors are reduced which in turn reduces the loss and the cost. From the output results is has been proved that the proposed topology gives reduced loss and high quality output when compared with the conventional methods.


zeta converter, THD, multilevel inverter

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