Matchmaking Problems in MOBA Games

Muhammad Farrel Pramono, Kevin Renalda, Dedy Prasetya Kristiadi, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Worapan Kusakunniran


MOBA is a popular genre that requires teamwork to achieve victory. A close and tight match is what make MOBA fun to play and increase its user satisfaction, but some factor may ruin the matchmaking and create unbalanced match between the two team. Those problems factors are high latency, players with bad attitude, and players doing unfamiliar role. We use DOTA 2 as our case study. Then we compare the DOTA 2 matchmaking system in other sector to make comparison. Lastly, we discuss about solution to solve MOBA matchmaking problem such as displaying live information about online players, players searching for games, servers online and ETA for gaming to start. In addition, we proposed new variable to be considered in the matchmaking system, which are Preferences Role, player’s chosen preferences role will be considered while the system set up the game to minimize the number of unbalanced games in MOBA.


MOBA, Matchmaking, MMR, Balanced Game, Competitive Game.

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