Non-convex Economic Load Dispatch using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

N. Karthik, A.K. Parvathy, R. Arul


This paper presents cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) for solving non-convex economic load dispatch (ELD) problems of fossil fuel fired generators considering transmission losses and valve point loading effect. CSA is a new meta-heuristic optimisation technique inspired from the obligate brood parasitism of some cuckoo species by laying their eggs in the nests of other host birds of other species. The strength of the proposed meta-heuristic optimization technique CSA has been tested and validated on the standard IEEE 14-bus, 26-bus and 30-bus system with several heuristic load patterns. The results have indicated that the proposed approach is able to obtain significant economic load dispatch solutions than those of Firefly Algorithm (FFA) and other soft computing techniques reported in the literature.


Economic load dispatch (ELD), Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA), Firefly algorithm (FFA), Valve-point loading effect.

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