Local Standard Deviation Based Image Quality Metrics for JPEG Compressed Images

Akshay Gore, H.K. Kansal, Savita Gupta


In this paper, we address the Full-Reference (FR) Image Quality Metric (IQM) to assess the quality of JPEG-coded images and we present a new effective and efficient IQA model, called Local Standard Deviation Based Image Quality (LSDBIQ). The approach is based on the comparison of the local standard deviation of two images. The proposed metrics is tested on four well-known databases available in the literature (TID2013, TID2008, LIVE and CSIQ). Experimental results show that the proposed metrics outperforms other models for the assessment of image quality and have very low computational complexity.


JPEG2000; Human visual system (HVS); Local standard deviation; Image quality assessment (IQA)

Full Text:


DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v12.i10.pp7280-7286


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