ANSYS Simulation Analysis of Stray Currents on Subway Shield Tunnel

Guo Wang, Xiaoxiang Pei


In order to analyze the distribution rule and influence range of subway shield tunnel in different traction currents, a three-dimensional geometrical model and mathematical model of subway shield tunnel stray current field were built, and a finite element model was developed by Ansys. Simulating for homogeneous and stratified soil media were happened in the metro stray current field simulation, through different carry-currents of railway. Simulation show that the potential attenuation is nonlinear from the subway tunnel to the surrounding underground and along far away rail loading current of direction; The carry-current is different, the potential of surrounding media is different, and the greater the current, the greater the maximum potential. Each points stray current in situation of surrounding soil media subway tunnel shield can be analyzed by the three-dimensional finite element model, and provide the basis for the protection range of stray current and the protection at a specific location.


subway shield tunnel; stray current field; homogeneous soil media; stratified soil media; Simulation analysis

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