An Optimization Model of Coal Allocation in a Group

Jianjian Zhao, Yunhua Gan, Xiaoqian Ma, Zeliang Yang


The frame of an optimization model of coal alloction in a power generation group was introduced in present study. The influence of multi-coals blending and transportation were all considered in the model. Firstly, the impact of each process of coal using on the cost of power generation and boiler safety in the combustion process were analyzed, and the detailed mathematical descriptions were given. A multi-coals blending mathematical model based on safty, environmental protection and cost was proposed. The optimization model of coal transportation in the power generation group to achieve the most benefit was established. The algorithms of these models were studied and found that the genetic algorithm is one of the suitable methods to solve the models. An optimaiztion system for the coal allocation in the power generation group was developed based on the models and algorithms. The system adopts friendly software structure and can provide personalized functions for the power generation group and power plants.




power generation group, multi-coals blending, coal allocation, multi-objective optimization model

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