Combined fuzzy PID regulator for frequency regulation of smart grid and conventional power systems

Smrutiranjan Nayak, Sanjeeb Kumar Kar, Subhransu Sekhar Dash


In continually increasing area and structure of modern power system having burden demand uncertainties, the use of knowledgeable and vigorous frequency power strategy is essential for the satisfactory functioning of the Power system. A combined fuzzy PID controller is suggested for frequency supervision of the power system. To optimize the controller parameters, a SCiWOA has been utilized. The next practical application of power-system frequency control is performed by designing a CFPID controller using the proposed SCiWOA technique for a smart grid system having inexhaustible sources like sun oriented, wind, photovoltaic and capacity gadgets like a battery, flywheel just as module electric vehicles. The first advantages of the SCiWOA tuned CFPID controller over hPSO-PS adjusted FPI controller, hBFOA-PSO adjusted PI controller, GA tuned PI controller, BFOA adjusted PI controller, JA tuned PIDN controller and TLBO tuned PID controller are demonstrated for the two-area non-reheat thermal power system. The second advantages of the SCiWOA tuned CFPID controller over ABC tuned PID controller, SOSA tuned PID controller and FA tuned PID controller are demonstrated for two-area reheat thermal power system. It is seen that SCiWOA based CFPID controller is more 


Combined fuzzy PID; Electric vehicle; Frequency control; Sine cosine adapted improved WOA; Smart grid; Whale optimization algorithm power system



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