Analysis of IPv6 jumbogram packages transmission using jumbo frame in mikrotik-based tunneling

Yahya Hidayatullah, Arief Marwanto, Imam Much Ibnu Subroto


The validation and accuracy of IPv6 performance using jumbo frames is still not perfect, due to the testing is only carried out on peer-to-peer connections to the same operating system and between operating systems, this makes the validity of the data test results inaccurate. To overcome this problem, testing with a wider platform is recommended, a medium-scale network connection is proposed such as metropolitan area networks. In this works, a connection between computer devices connected by three proxy routers are made, with different IPv6 segments on each port. Then each computer device sends traffic data to each other using a traffic-generator application. The first test through three routers without tunnel connection is carried out as the first scenario to compare performance with tunnel-based testing. There are three parameters used in this jumbo frame test, such as MTU 1500 bytes, MTU 400 bytes and MTU 9000 bytes, and parameters MTU above 9000 byte cannot be done, because the device is not capable. The results of the tests conducted show that the use of jumbo frames using a proxy is less effective, even though it produces a larger throughput when using the MTU 4000, but there is fragmentation in the packet passing through the proxy because the packet passing through the proxy is split into 1500byte sizes.


Generator Traffic; IPv6; Jumbo Frame; Operation Systems; Tunnelling;



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