Artificial intelligence techniques over the fifth generation (5G) mobile networks: a review

Ashwaq N. Hassan, Sarab Al-Chlaihawi, Ahlam R. Khekan


A well Fifth generation (5G) mobile networks have been a common phrase in recent years. We have all heard this phrase and know its importance. By 2025, the number of devices based on the fifth generation of mobile networks will reach about 100 billion devices. By then, about 2.5 billion users are expected to consume more than a gigabyte of streamed data per month. 5G will play important roles in a variety of new areas, from smart homes and cars to smart cities, virtual reality and mobile augmented reality, and 4K video streaming. Bandwidth much higher than the fourth generation, more reliability and less latency are some of the features that distinguish this generation of mobile networks from previous generations.  Clearly, at first glance, these features may seem very impressive and useful to a mobile network, but these features will pose serious challenges for operators and communications companies. All of these features will lead to considerable complexity. Managing this network, preventing errors, and minimizing latency are some of the challenges that the 5th generation of mobile networks will bring. Therefore, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a good way to solve these challenges. in other say, in such a situation, proper management of the 5G network must be done using powerful tools such as artificial intelligence. Various researches in this field are currently being carried out. Research that enables automated management and servicing and reduces human error as much as possible. In this paper, we will review the artificial intelligence techniques used in communications networks. Creating a robust and efficient communications network using artificial intelligence techniques is a great incentive for future research. The importance of this issue is such that the sixth generation (6G) of cellular communications; There is a lot of emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence.


5G; Artificial intelligence; Fifth generation cellular telecommunications; Machine learning; Mobile telecommunications;



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