Active tremor control in human-like hand tremor using fuzzy logic

H. Jamaludin, A. As'arry, K. A. M. Rezali, Raja Kamil, M. Z. Md Zain


Tremor is the vibration in sinusoidal orientation that is experienced regularly by a person with Parkinson’s disease (PD), which disturbs their daily activities. One solution that may be used to counter this tremor effect is by developing an active tremor control system in LabVIEW for linear voice coil actuator (LVCA), where the system uses proportional (P) controller and various types of fuzzy logic controller (FLC) as a hybrid controller to reduce tremor vibration. From this research, it can be concluded that the best controller for tremor reduction is the P+FLC 1st set of rules, compared to P+FLC 2nd set of rules, and P controller only, with the highest percentage of 88.39% of tremor reduction with the actual tremor vibration of PD patients as the reference result. The P+FLC 2nd set of rules has the highest percentage of tremor reduction with a value of 86.81%, whereas P controller only has the highest tremor reduction percentage of 67.10%. This percentage of tremor reduction is based on the power spectral density (PSD) values, in which it represents the intensity of the tremor vibration. This experimental study can be used as an initial step for researchers and engineers to design and develop an anti-tremor device in the future. 


Active tremor control experimental study; Fuzzy logic controller; Parkinson’s disease tremor; Tremor test rig



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