Multimodal biometrics of fingerprint and signature recognition using multi-level feature fusion and deep learning techniques

Arjun Benagatte Channegowda, H N Prakash


Providing security in biometrics is the major challenging task in the current situation. A lot of research work is going on in this area. Security can be more tightened by using complex security systems, like by using more than one biometric trait for recognition. In this paper multimodal biometric models are developed to improve the recognition rate of a person. The combination of physiological and behavioral biometrics characteristics is used in this work. Fingerprint and signature biometrics characteristics are used to develop a multimodal recognition system. Histograms of oriented gradients (HOG) features are extracted from biometric traits and for these feature fusions are applied at two levels. Features of fingerprint and signatures are fused using concatenation, sum, max, min, and product rule at multilevel stages, these features are used to train deep learning neural network model. In the proposed work, multi-level feature fusion for multimodal biometrics with a deep learning classifier is used and results are analyzed by a varying number of hidden neurons and hidden layers. Experiments are carried out on SDUMLA-HMT, machine learning and data mining lab, Shandong University fingerprint datasets, and MCYT signature biometric recognition group datasets, and encouraging results were obtained.


Multimodal Biometrics; Fingerprint Signature; Deep Neural Network; Feature Fusion

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