Design of dual band slotted reconfigurable antenna using electronic switching circuit

Mustafa M. Al-Saeedi, Ahmed A. Hashim, Omer Al-Bayati, Ali S. Rasheed, Rasool H. Finjan


This paper proposes a dual band reconfigurable microstrip slotted antenna for supporting the WLAN and WiMAX applications, providing coverage where directive and omni-directive radiations are both needed. The design consists of a feedline, a ground plane with two slots and two gaps in between them for providing the switching capability and a 1.6 mm thick FR4 substrate with a dielectric constant of Ɛ=4.3 and a loss tangent of δ=0.019, modeling an antenna size of 30 x 35 x 1.6 mm3. The EM simulation which was carried out using the CST Studio Suite 3D EM simulation and analysis software 2017, generated dual wide bands of 40% (2-3 GHz) and 24% (5.2-6.6 GHz) higher than its predecessors with lower complexity in addition to the radiation patterns versatility while maintaining lower power consumption. Moreover, the antenna produced omnidirectional radiation patterns at the 2.4 GHz and directional radiation patterns at the 5.8 GHz band. Furthermore, multiple previously proposed designs have been reviewed and compared with this work.


Directional antenna; Dual band antenna; Omni-directional antenna; Reconfigurable; WiMAX; WLAN;



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