Pedestrian Age Estimation While Crossing Intersections Based on Deep Learning

Mohammed Talal Ghazal


The large-scale distribution of camera networks in the traffic area resulted in the increasing popularity of video surveillance systems. As pedestrian detection and tracking are the critical monitoring targets in traffic surveillance, many studies focus on pedestrian detection algorithms across cameras. This paper addressed the effect of using the age estimation based on deep convolution neural network (CNN) as a convenience for pedestrian monitoring who is crossing at intersections. Two popular Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) pre-trained models have been used in this work, which have recently achieved the best performance in facial features extraction tasks: VGG-Face and ResNet-50. We combined these two models to increase the efficiency of the proposed system. We ran our experiments to evaluate the system based on the VGGFace2 dataset consisting of 3.31 million face images. From the experimental results, we observed a gap in the detection performances between those age groups: children from (00-10) years and elderly with 55 years and more. Moreover, it noted that the proposed pedestrian age estimation model performance is high, also a good result can be obtained by using the model for new purpose.


Deep Learning,Convolutional Neural Networks,VGG-Face,ResNet-50,Pedestrian


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