New efficient GAF routing protocol using an optimized weighted sum model in WSN

ARIF ullah


A wireless sensor network (WSN) composed by a large number of sensor nodes that are insufficient in terms of processing power, storage and energy. The principal tasks of nodes is gathering and transmitting data collected to the base station (BS). Consequently the major essential criteria for designing a WSN are the network lifetime. In this paper an efficient GAF routing protocol for gathered data is introduced. It proposes an energy-efficient routing in WSN based on the basic version. In this system sensor nodes are distributed using Gaussian law and an active leader is elected for each virtual grid to reduce the energy dissipated using an optimized weighted sum model where maximum remaining energy and minimum distance criteria are considered. Moreover routing data is based on transmission range for enhancing the energy efficiency during data routing. The experimental results shows that the proposed EE-GAF produces better performance than the existing GAF basic and optimized-GAF routing protocol in terms of number of dead node  and energy consumption. It is obviously proves that the proposed EE-GAF can improve the network lifetime


Wireless sensor networks, Location-based, GAF, Dead nodes, Energy-Consumption, Routing, weighted sum model


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