Secure and Smart System for Monitoring Patients with Critical Cases

Hanan Abed Alwally Abed Allah, Rawsam Abduladheem Hasan


Recently, heat-related diseases like COVID19, Chickenpox, Typhoid, and others are increasing significantly; therefore, the need for portable devices to measures the heat of the human body accurately, quickly, easily with low cost has become very necessary to preserve the life of patients. For this reason, a smart system has been developed to monitor the patient's heat, in addition to temperature and humidity of the critical environment such as surgical operating rooms, patients isolation rooms and pharmacies, because it can help propagate infectious agents like viruses and bacteria. The proposed system divided into four parts: transmitted part (arduino, heat sensor, and hygrometer sensor), alarm part consists of lights and alarm bell, emergency part (doctors and nurses), and the medical application has been used as the last part. The application can be used only by authorized persons and through the accounts which are granted to them, in order to protect the data from sabotage and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of it.  

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