Development of ontology-based model to support learning process in LMS

Hussein Ali Ahmed Ghanim, László Kovács


E-Learning is an important support mechanism for educational systems to increase the efficiency of the education process including students and teachers. The current e-learning systems typically lack the level of metacognitive awareness, adaptive tutoring, and time management skills and are not always met the expectations of the learners as required. In this work, we present a novel ontological model for the learning process in the e-learning domain. In the framework, we have built a domain ontology that represents knowledge of the learning, the outcome domain ontology covers the whole learning process. We focused on the learning process ontology model conceptualizing knowledge constructions, such as learning courses, and we present the created course ontology and learning process ontology in detail. In this work, we considered three Layers of Learning Process architecture. The top layer defines a general framework of Learning Process, Conceptual model layer, defines the framework of the actual process of the learning process, and Course ontology model contains the knowledge unit of the learning process. The prototype ontology is constructed in Protégé and managed by Java OWl-API. In the future, the created ontology can be implemented to manage adaptive e-tutor frameworks, solve the current LMS frameworks problem, and face the characteristics of standardization, open knowledge, reusability, and flexibility. By applying the created ontology model, we can avoid the problem of existing e-learning frameworks.


Course ontology model; E-learning; E-tutor; Learning process; Ontology of e-learning; Pedagogy;



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