A secure cloud service deployment framework for DevOps

Rao Ravinder, V. Sucharita


The advancements in cloud computing and leveraging the benefits from cloud computing to the service providers have increased the deployment of traditional applications to the cloud. The applications once deployed on the cloud, due to various reasons, need migration from development infrastructure to operational infrastructure, one operational instance to other operational instances due to load balancing and the cycle continues due to the use of DevOps as development strategies for cloud computing applications. Advocates of hybrid and public clouds observe cloud computing makes it possible for organizations to avert or minimize upfront IT infrastructure expenses.  Proponents also assert that cloud computing systems permit businesses to receive their software up and running faster, using improved manageability and less maintenance, so it empowers IT teams to rapidly adapt tools to meet the varying and unpredictable requirements. DevOps is a lot of practices that mechanizes the procedures between programming improvement and IT groups, all together that they can fabricate, test, and discharge programming quicker and even more dependably. The idea of DevOps is established on building a culture of a joint effort between groups that generally worked in relative siloes. The guaranteed advantages incorporate expanded trust, quicker programming discharges, capacity to explain basic issues rapidly and better oversee impromptu work. Thus, this work identifies the need for providing multiple security protocols during the complete life cycle of cloud application development and deployment. This work proposes a novel framework for automatic selection and deployment of the security protocols during cloud service deployments. The framework identifies the need for security aspects and selects the appropriate security algorithms for virtual machines. The proposed framework demonstrates nearly 80% improvement over the security policy deployment time. 


DevOps; Variable length encryption change management; VM deployment; VM migration security

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v21.i2.pp874-885


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