Pythagorean Fuzzy N-Soft Groups

MUHAMMAD Haris Mateen


We elaborate in this paper a new structure Pythagorean fuzzy
$N$-soft groups which is the generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy
soft group initiated by Karaaslan in 2013. In Pythagorean fuzzy
N-soft sets concepts of fuzzy sets, soft sets, N-soft sets, fuzzy
soft sets, intuitionistic fuzzy sets, intuitionistic fuzzy soft
sets, Pythagorean fuzzy sets, Pythagorean fuzzy soft sets are
generalized. We also talk about some elementary basic concepts and
operations on Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft sets with the assistance of
illusions. We additionally define three different sorts of
complements for Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft sets and examined a few
outcomes not hold in Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft sets complements as
they hold in crisp set hypothesis with the assistance of counter
examples. We further talked about {$(\alpha, \beta, \gamma)$-cut of
Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft set and their properties}. We likewise talk
about some essential properties of Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft groups
like groupoid, normal group, left and right cosets, $(\alpha, \beta,
\gamma)$-cut subgroups and some fundamental outcomes identified with
these terms. Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft sets is increasingly efficient
and adaptable model to manage uncertainties. The proposed models of
Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft groups can defeat a few disadvantages of
the existing statures.


Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft sets; Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft sets complements; {$(\alpha, \beta, \gamma)$-cut of Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft set; Pythagorean fuzzy N-soft groups; groupoid; normal group;left and right cosets; $(\alpha, \beta, \gamma)$-cut subgr



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