Certain properties of ω-Q-fuzzy subrings

Dilshad Alghazzawi, Wafaa H. Hanoon, Muhammad Gulzar, Ghazanfar Abbas, Nasreen Kausar


In this paper, we define the - -fuzzy subring and discussed various fundamental aspects of - -fuzzy subrings. We introduce the concept of - -level subset of this new fuzzy set and prove that - -level subset of - -fuzzy subring form a ring. We define - -fuzzy ideal and show that set of all - -fuzzy cosets form a ring. Moreover, we investigate the properties of homomorphic image of - -fuzzy subring.


Q-fuzzy set; Q-fuzzy subring (QFSR); ω-Q-fuzzy ideal(ω-QFI); ω-Q-fuzzy set; ω-Q-fuzzy subring (ω-QFSR)

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v21.i2.pp%25p
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