Developing collaboration tool for virtual team using UML models

Yasmin Makki Mohialden, Huda Abdulaali abdulbaqi, Narjis Mezaal Shati


Computer Aided Software Engineering CASE uses the unified modelling language UML to produce executable code to visualize software architectural blueprints systems. UML is a standard software modeling language for specifying, constructing, documenting and visualizing the artifacts of produced software-intensive system. But, UML lacks to virtual collaboration regardless to their geographical location. The present work developed a prototype of web-based CASE tool which enable UML modes to manage software projects as a virtual collaboration tool. The present methodology starting with specifying a set of UML triplets, then the tool generates the visual models automatically with high quality SVG graphs. The system eliminates the manual diagram requirements based on the UML possibility which supported by three diagrams involving class and use case. The independent scripting language was PHP7 and MYSQL 8.0 which is used to save data of the system. 

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